Saturday, May 26, 2012

Doodling 101

Here is the pattern to make the design I quilted out on black fabric.  It is drawn on a fat quarter of solid black fabric with a white marking pencil.  I used a Sewline mechanical pencil in white.  Yellow also works good on black.
If you click on the picture, it will come up large so you can print it out.  It only gives you the diagram for the designs.  It does not print out the correct size for the star.

These are the exact designs that I quilted out on my sampler.  Please feel free to add or subtract designs that you prefer.  Remember this is just an exercise to play on your sewing machine.  We learn by playing so take the attitude that you are learning so feel free to make mistakes.

I started by drawing three intersecting lines using the 60 degree line on my acrylic rotary cutting ruler.
Then I drew lines 2 inches away from each straight line--avoiding the center triangle as I did so.  No--these will not print out the correct size but it shows you how I drew the star on the black fabric.
Continue to draw lines 2 inches away from each straight line--all the way around. Eventually you will have a six pointed star made from 60 degree diamonds.  Mine was 16 inches from point to point.  That way it fit on a fat quarter (18" X 21")

This was by far the hardest part!  Ugh.  I must find a stencil for this star.  The nice part was looking at the diamonds knowing that I only had those small areas to fill in with each design.  : )

See you soon so warm up your needles!

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