Monday, April 2, 2012

Quilter's Cottage, Garden City, SC

Alas, we are coming to the end of our adventure....just for the moment and until I can drum up another one : D.  Our last quilt shop visit was in Garden City, SC at the Quilter's Cottage.  What a lovely and very welcoming shop!  Hmmm......who do I happen to see?

 There is fabric, fabric, and more fabric here at Quilter's Cottage!  The staff was so friendly and helpful.

 There are lots of wonderful samples to whet your appetite.

 I just loving sneaking in among the shelves of never know who you will run into.  : )

 Yes, that's my friend and accomplice, Sue, who is pondering a fabric selection.

 Wow!  There's a whole other room full on the other side! fabric!!!

 Wait....who did I catch this time?

 Ahhh....the's Charlotte Angotti.....quilt teacher and hostess for our quilt escape!  Smile*

What more could you ask for?  Charlotte Angotti, Debbie Caffrey (the precision cutting guru and mystery quilt queen) and Pat Roman, shop owner....This must be quilter's heaven!

Yes, we had both Charlotte as our host and her good friend Debbie to hang out with and laugh with, and just generally relax and sew.  THAT'S my idea of a quilt retreat!

If you are so unfortunate as to not have experienced the wonder that is classes by either of these fabulous quilters, please read on for more information.  The two have collaborated on a book entitled, Surprise Yourself, that will be coming out in May.  Having seen a few of the quilts in it, I can say I will be pre-ordering mine.  It is a book on design approaches from two very different quilters.  How wonderful to have them each share their approach to designing they are alike.....and how they are different.  Find them on Facebook or the web to check when the book is available.  You can find Charlotte at and you can find Debbie at  Also look for both of them at the Quilts, Inc shows---Long Beach, Cinncinati, and Houston.  They can usually be found running around the country in between.

Please check out the shop, Quilter's Cottage at

After that, I had to head back home......well, it was a wonderful adventure!  Thank  you for sharing it with me.  I shall have to think up another quilty adventure to get the creative juices flowing again.

So much inspiration, so much fabric, where to put it all?

The new house is started and here is the new sewing room!

What shall we tackle next?

Keep doodling!  : )

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  1. What fun! Wish you could head to the Chicago area the first weekend in May. We're having a shop hop.