Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I have arrived in South Carolina!

I have arrived in South Carolina!  Yes, can you believe it? I passed right by "South of the Border" and didn't even stop!  Those billboards are a hoot.  Only those who have seen them know what I'm talking about.

I am still on my quest to find quilt shops and boy! have I found a doozy for you.  Check out Sewin' In The Carolinas in Myrtle Beach.  It is hidden on the east side of the bridge but it is certainly worth the effort to find it.  They were very busy with the local quilt show when I was there but I still found the ladies there to be cheerful, helpful and fun.  Check out their sale room, too!

 Here we are at Sewin' In The Carolinas.
 Don't you just love this sign on their door.  I certainly did my fair share!
 So much to look at and wander through!
 Look at this whole section of traditional Civil War reproductions.
 So much little brain cells to make decisions!
 This is my idea of "Quilting at the Beach!"  BATIKS!!!!!!
 OK, I fell in love with the bear panel on the wall....hey! after all I do have a new grand baby on the way. : )
Ah  Ha!  Back to the sale room!  Found wonderful cotton sateens back lovely to quilt on.

My adventure continues....I haven't run into the Atlantic Ocean yet!
Stay tuned......there is even more to come!
Isn't this a fun adventure?  : )


  1. I am enjoying your road trip and quilt shop updates. This one is particularly fun for me because I am from Myrtle Beach. I have driven by that shop many many times! :)