Monday, October 10, 2011

Play Time Finale

How are you doing?  Are you having fun playing on your little quilt?  I sincerely hope so.  You should be doodling all over the place.  Here's a look at the elements of what I did on mine.
Can you see that I extended the line from the interior of the square "under" the satin stitching and straight out to the edge of the quilt?  I like doing things like that.  Several of my circles were parts or pieces of larger circles that extended behind some of the elements on my quilt.
Here is one circle filled in with "herky jerky" free motion quilting.  Another circle has bands within it with several different free motion quilting designs--cobblestones, ovals, and Christmas candy.  The square has kind of a Greek key type of filler.  Can you see the large partial circle between the square and the circle?
Here is the square again with the flower power circle.
The areas in the background were stippled just to fill in.

I put a regular binding on my quilt but you could also put a facing on it to finish it.  What do you think?

Do we need to cover bindings?  Hmmm.....let me see a show of hands, please.

In the meantime, I started making little Christmas gifts.  Here is a Nancy Halvorsen inspired sewing wallet.
Please share what you are working on.  I am also working on the Surprise quilt whose blocks were shown earlier.  Will share pictures as I get the quilting done on it.

Keep Doodling!


  1. Thank you! Trying to do something small that would be easy to play on.

  2. Love that wallet. Sew cute! I'm busy hand quilting spiderwebs on a table runner.