Saturday, September 10, 2011

Play Time, Part 2

Let's talk about sewing the charms together and the things you need to watch.
Do your best to match the seams so that the corners meet nicely.
To make sure that my seams match, I pinned my intersections--the only way I know to be sure.
Here is my "light" top all sewed together.  See from the last post how my colors align between the "dark" top and the "light" top.  Check my written grid to see if I was correct.  I was.
Note*- You can click on a picture and it will give you the large version of the picture.

Next Step--You are going to put one sewn grid on top of the other sewn grid--matching the colors.
Mine is "dark" over "light" but you can do it the other way if you want.  What is important is to match the seams and the colors.  Once you have checked your colors, we are going to pin our seams so that we know everything is matched up.

Using long quilter's pins (I prefer the flat flower head pins for this), push a pin through an intersection on the top grid.

Then, by lifting the top grid slightly, continue pushing the pin through the corresponding intersection on the bottom grid.
Start this process in the middle and work toward the outer edges.

Once you have both grids aligned and pinned together, you need to baste them together.  You can do this by hand if you prefer.  I put my stitch length on my machine to the longest stitch it will make and just stitched along the seam lines.  Look closely to see my stitches.

Next up is the first step of "playing!"  We are going to make some circles and some fun shapes to stitch around.  See you soon for step 3--Keep doodling!


  1. Basting done! gulp - it was fun but just a little bit scary! I'm loving this Circa 1934 fabric, I hope it's going to work well with the Grand Plan!